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             According   to   popular   opinion,   based   on   demographic   possibilities,   there   were   around   25,000 Armenians    in    Jerusalem    at    their    peak,    just    prior    to    the    1948   Arab-Israel    war,    divided    among    the communities   in   the   Convent   of   St   James,   the Armenian   Quarter,   and   the   minority   Catholic   and   Protestant enclaves who lived outside the Armenian compound.        This   aggregated   bunch   of   hardy,   idealistic   denizens,   a   large   chunk   of   them   survivors   of   a   horrid genocide,   would   give   grace   their   presence   in    the   Holy   Land   with   the   production   of   a   number   of   men   and women whose talents would catapult them onto the world stage.        The   Armenians    gave    Jerusalem    its    first    printing    press    and    photographic    studio,    and    the    world incomparable music of Ohan Dourian. And philosopher and man of letters Haig Khatchadourian.      And a Minister of Oil and Energy for the Motherland.      Among others.        The   year   1948   was   both   an   epochal   and   catastrophic   milestone   in   the   history   of   the   Armenian community   of   Jerusalem.   The   Arab-Israeli   war   wreaked   terrible   havoc   on   the   Armenian   compound, making   the   occupants   refugees   once   again,   giving   added   impetus   to   the   massive   exodus   of   Armenians, many    of    whom    chose    to    return    to    the    Motherland    while    others    sought    succor    in    the    hospitable neighboring Arab countries.        The   United   Nations   Relief   and   Works   Agency   (UNRWA)   for   Palestine   Refugees   stepped   in   to   provide timely   aid   and   support   to   the   shrunken   community,   with   kaghakatsi   leaders   in   the   vanguard   of   the volunteer corps that looked after their security and their material welfare.        To   help   with   their   efforts,   the   secretariat   of   the   Patriarchate   of   St   James   conducted   a   census   and prepared a list of all Armenian families residing in the Old City.        The   list   contains   a   total   of   over   540   families,   a   far   cry   from   the   handful   holding   the   fort   there   now. The   actual   date   of   its   compilation   is   not   available,   but   it   is   safe   to   assume   that   it   was   written   sometime in the early 1950's.        We   have   arranged   the   names   alphabetically,   beginning   with   the   surname,    for   easier   viewing.   But   we have   left   the   spelling   as   it   appeared   originally.   Presumably,   the   list   was   typewritten   by   the   secretariat's untiring dynamo, Sahag Kalaydjian.                NOTE:   The   people   listed   here   are   the   heads   of   their   respective   families,   unless   as   yet   unmarried. Unfortunately, the list does not mention either the spouses or the children.     This is the list.      Abassian, Hovhannes      Abu Zeid, Haiganoush      Aghabekian, Garabed      Aghabekian, Haroutune      Aghabekian, Vahe      Aghadjanian, Hripsime      Aghapekian, Kevork      Aghazarian, Arsen      Aharonian, Khoren      Aladjajian, Hagop      Alahverdiyan, Hagop      Alexanian, Alexan      Alexanian, Aghavni      Andonian, Garabed      Annaian, Zartar      Antreassian, Garabed      Apelian, Siranoush      Apkarian, Hovsep      Aprahamian, Kevork      Aprahamian, Kevork      Aprahamian, Levon      Aprahamian, Mary      Arabian, Simon      Arakelian, Ohannes      Arakelian, Yepraksi      Arsenian, Noubar      Arsenian, Norair      Artinian, Makrouhi      Ashdjian, Mihran      Aslanian, Zabel      Assadourian, Nuritza      Assadourian, Sarkis      Assadourian, Yervant      Atashian, Koharik      Atikian, Antranik      Atikian, Ohannes      Avakian, Kevork      Avedikian, Sisak      Avedissian, Aram      Avedissian, Sdepan      Avedissian, Sarkis      Avedissian, Varouhi      Aydenian, Toros      Azadian, Giragos      Azazian, Noemi      Azazian, Simon      Babigian, Melkon      Bablanian, Mariam      Baghamian, Elizabeth      Baghamian, Lefter      Baghbouderian, Garabed      Baghsarian, Arakel      Baghsarian, Noubar      Baghsarian, Vahan      Bakalian, Haroutune      Bakerdjian, Antranik      Balekian, Hagop      Balekjian, Karnik      Balian, Victoria      Bardakjian, Haroutune      Barsamian, Missak      Basmadjian, Krikor      Basmadjian, Pilibbos      Bedevian, Artin      Bedevian, Meguerditch      Bedrossian, Bedros      Bedrossian, Boghos      Bedrossian, Dikran      Bedrossian, Hampartzoum      Bedrossian, Haroutune      Bedrossian, Krikor      Bedrossian, Krikor      Bedrossian, Peruz      Bedrossian, Shamiram      Bedrossian, Toros      Bedrossian, Vartan      Behesnelian, Levon      Bekarian, Baidzar      Bekarian, Hagop      Bekarian, Hagop      Belian, Sarkis      Benglian, Mariam      Benneian, Aghavni      Benneian, Hovhannes      Boghossian, Hagop      Boghossian, Nuritza      Boghossian, Rahan      Bohjalian, Mariam      Bouroudjian, Antranik      Bouroudjian, Baidzar      Bourounsouzian, Anton      Boyadjian, Haroutune      Chakerian, Krikor      Chalekian, Vadia'      Chapadarian, Bedros      Chatalian, Haroutune      Chekidjian, Sarkis      Chekmeyan, Karekin      Chekrekdjian, Serop      Chilingirian, Jordan      Cholakian, Apkar      Cholakian, Vartouhi      Cholmekian, Hagop      Chorbadjian, Yeghia      Choukadarian, Hovhannes      Choulfayan, Zabel      Dadian, Siroun      Daghlian, Krikor      Daghlian, Sarkis      Dakessian, Avedis      Dakessian, Hovsep      Darakdjian, Bedros      Darghenian, Assadour      Dashjian, Sahag      Deirmendjian, Ovsanna      Deldelian, Haroutune      Demirdjian, Filor      Demirdjian, Hovhannes      Demirdjian, Nurijan      Deokmejian, Loucia      Deoshoghlanian, Hermine      Der Bedrossian, Heghine      Der Garabedian, Tervanda      Der Hovhannesian, Krikor      Der Mateossian, Karekin      Der Sarkissian, Apraham      Der Vartanian, Hovsep      Der Vartanian, Mariam      DerBedrossian, Mariam      Derderian, Hagop      Derderian, Marie      Derderian, Meguerditch      Devedjian, Mariam      Didizian, Mariam      Dikbikian, Kapriel      Dikbikian, Peruz      Dikranian, Hagop      Dindjian, Mihran      Diouzmanian, Sarkis      Diradourian, Karnik      Donikian, Hagop      Ekizian, Nvart      Ekmekjian, Meguerditch      Ekmekjian, Meguerditch      Eksikian, Satenik      Elian, Kapriel      Elian, Yeghissapet      Elmadjian, Vartanoush      Emerezian, Najib      Emerzian, Arshalouys      Faradjian, Marie      Gaitzagian, Mariam      Garabedian, Elise      Garabedian, George      Garabedian, Levon      Garabedian, Zabel      Garabedina, Horop      Gazmararian, Apraham      Gazmararian, Hrant      Gazmararian, Sahag      Gedikian, Takoohi      Gedjekoushian, Krikor      Geuvlekjian, Dikranouhi      Ghalleshian, Haroutune      Gharibian, George      Ghazarian, Yeghisapet      Ghazarian, Loucia      Ghazarian, Simon      Gosdigian, Garabed      Guereghian, Minas      Guiragossian, Marianne      Gulemerian, Simon      Guloian, Garabed      Gureghian, Khoren      Habeshian, Artin      Hadigian, Sarkis      Hadjian, Anna      Hadjian, Siranoush      Hagopian, Apraham      Hagopian, Garabed      Hagopian, Gulenia      Hagopian, Hripisme      Hagopian, Hovsep      Hagopian, Sevrinaz      Hagopian, Zarouhi      Hailozian, Barkev      Hairabedian, Dikranouhi      Hairabedian, Zareh      Haleblian, Kevork      Halladjian, Hovhannes      Halladjian, Verjin      Harachian, Zabel      Haroutunian, Serop      Haroutunian, Verjin      Hekimian, Dirkran      Hekimian, Hagop      Hekimian, Srpouhi      Hindoian, Antreas      Hintlian, Garbis      Hovagimian, Kevork      Hovhannesian, Apraham      Hovhannesian, Hagop      Hovhannesian, Karnik      Hovhannesian, Khatchadour      Hovhannesian, Levon      Hovhannesian, Satenik      Hovhannesian, Takvor      Hovhannesian, Yeghia      Hovsepian, Apraham      Hovsepian, Armen      Hovsepian, Arshalouys      Hovsepian, Hagop      Hovsepian, Krikor      Hovsepian, Mary      Hovsepian, Minas      Hovsepian, Marie      Hovsepian, Nazeli      Hovsepian, Vahan      Ingilizian, Nishan      Inguilian, Aram      Ipekian, Nunia      Ishkhanian, Sarkis      Ispirian, Srpouhi      Jambazian, Loutfia      Janoyan, Apraham      Janoyan, Movses      Jansezian, Garabed      Jeghalian, Sarkis      Jeghalian, Sarkis      Jehizian, Nazareth      Jelalian, Norair      Jenglian, Hagop      Jernazian, Sarkis      Kahvedjian, Elia      Kahvedjian, Haroutune      Kahvedjian, Haroutune      Kalaydjian, Avedis      Kalaydjian, Haroutune      Kalaydjian, Karnik      Kalaydjian, Mihran      Kalaydjian, Sahag      Kalbian, John      Kaloustian, Kaloust      Kaloustian, Zakar      Kankashian, Antranik      Kankashian, Bedros      Kankashian, Kevork      Kankashian, Sahag      Kankashian, Yeghissapet      Kankashian, Yeranouhi      Kapderian, Albert      Kaplanian, Avedis      Kaplanian, Antranik      Kaplanian, Arshak      Kaplanian, Arshalouys      Kaplanian, Akabi      Kaplanian, Boghos      Kaplanian, Hovhannes      Kaplanian, Kevork      Kaplanian, Mariam      Kaplanian, Nazar      Kaplanian, Saiied      Kaplanian, Veronika      Kaprielian, Dikran      Kaprielian, Haroutune      Kaprielian, Vartouhi      Karageozian, Dikran      Karageozian, Hagop      Karageozian, Levon      Karageozian, Sarkis      Karageuzian, Samuel      Karakashian, Serop      Karangulian, Nazar      Kardjian, Guluzar      Kasabian, Levon      Kassabian, Makrouhi      Kassabian, Siragan      Kazandjian, Esther      Kazandjian, Mariam      Kehkejian, Kevork      Kemejian, Hovsep      Kemikcizian, Haroutune      Keroghlanian, Khatchadour      Kervanian, Jamil      Kervanian, Mariam      Keshishian, Vartevar      Keshisian, Nazeni      Ketchedjian, Mariam      Kevorkian, Garabed      Kevorkian, George      Kevorkian, Khatoun      Kevorkian, Tavit      Khanian, Sara      Khatchadourian, Daoud      Khatchadourian, Haroutune      Khatchadourian, Haiganoush      Khatchadourian, Hovhannes      Khatchadourian, Khatchadour      Khatchadourian, Sdepan      Khatchadourian, Tervanda      Khatchadourian, Taniel      Khatchadourian, Tavit      Khatchadourian, Vartan      Khatcherian, Boghos      Khatehikian, Arshalouys      Khubesserian, Parsegh      Kirikian, Maritza      Kitishian, Haig      Kitishian, Haroutune      Kizirian, Hripsime      Kizirian, Melkon      Kojoghlanian, Hampartzouom      Kolchakian, Hovsep      Kopoushian, Hampartzoum      Koshgerian, Mariam      Kostayan, Yeghissapet      Koukeyan, Boghos      Koukeyan, Kevork      Koukeyan, Nur      Koukeyan, Sahag      Koukeyan, Vartouhi      Koukeyian, Garabed      Koushdourian, Sdepan      Kouyoumdjian, Garabed      Kouyoumdjian, Krikor      Kouyoumdjian, Mariam      Kouyoumdjian, Takvor      Krikorian, Ghazaros      Krikorian, Haroutune      Krikorian, Khatchadour      Krikorian, Mihran      Krikorian, Miro      Leblebidjian, Dikran      Leblebijian, Haroutune      Lepedjian, Bedros      Maghakian, Khosrov      Mahseredjian, Mesrour      Mamigonian, Vartan      Mandossian, Antranik      Manougian, Yeghisapet      Manougian, Takvor      Manougian, Vartan      Manoukian, Khatchadour      Manoukian, Nishan      Marashlian, Apraham      Mardirossian, Manoug      Markarian, Apraham      Markarian, Antranik      Markarian, Anna      Markarian, Hovhannes      Markarian, Kegham      Markarian, Mary      Markarian, Satenik      Markarian, Taniel      Markarian, Yeghia      Matossian, Mardiros      Matossian, Siragan      Mavian, Yeghissapet      Mazmanan, Garabed      Meguerditchian, Haig      Melidossian, Esther      Menatzaganian, Krikor      Mendikian, Siranoush      Meneshian, Nazar      Merezian, Mariam      Merezian, Vartouhi      Minassian, Hagop      Minassian, Minas      Mirzayan, Jemil      Mnatzaganian, Rose      Mnatzaganian, Vahan      Momjian, Krikor      Moukhtarian, Takoohi      Mouradian, Arshalouys      Mouradian, Sahag      Najarian, Hagop      Najarian, Kevork      Najarian, Penyamin      Nalbantian, Hovsep      Nalbantian, Heghine      Nalbantian, Nishan      Nazaretian, Hovhannes      Nazarian, Hagop      Nazarian, Manoug      Nazerian, Hampartzoum      Nazigian, Takoohi      Nercesian, Garabed      Nercessian, Mary      Nercessian, Nazeli      Nercessian, Vartan      Nighoghossian, Sdepan      Nigoghosian, Kevork      Nishanian, Guluzar      Odabashian, Haik      Ohanian, Khaneme      Ohannesian, Zabel      Ohannesign, Harry      Oundjian, Esther      Ourfalian, Hemayak      Pamboukian, Garabed      Pamboukian, Koharik      Panikian, Garabed      Panossian, Garabed      Panossian, Panos      Parghamian, Haroutune      Pascal, Elizabeth      Pashayan, Doudou      Pashayan, Ghazaros      Poladian, Angel      Poladian, Hagop      Poshoghlanian, Haroutune      Radjoian, Arshak      Ramian, Hagop      Raphaelian, Krikor      Sahagian, Haroutune      Sahagian, Sahag      Sahakian, Hagop      Sajian, Loutfia      Samuelian, Samuel      Sandjian, Sarkis      Sandrouni, Hagop      Santourian, Gulbenk      Saradjian, Marie      Sarafian, Haik      Sarkissian, Garabed      Sarkissian, Hovhannes      Sarkissian, Khatchik      Sarkissian, Levon      Sdepanian, Krikor      Sdepanian, Levon      Sdepanian, Mians      Sdepanian, Minas      Seferian, Kevork      Semerdjian, Avedik      Semerdjian, Aznive      Semerdjian, Garbis      Semerdjian, Hagop      Semerdjian, Hagop      Semerdjian, Shake      Sepedjian, Hagop      Sepetjian, Sahag      Sevian, Ovsanna      Shahinian, Avedis      Shahinian, Hagop      Shahmelikian, Garabed      Sharoian, Basil      Shekerdjian, Baidzar      Sheohmelian, Garabed      Sheohmelian, Levon      Sheohmelian, Mariam      Sheohmelian, Neeclar      Sheohmelian, Penyamin      Shiklanian, Kevork      Shnorhavorian, Missak      Simonian, Hovsep      Simonian, Kayane      Simonian, Zaven      Sinanian, Siranoush      Sipilian, Zarouhi      Siraganian, Mihran      Soghomonian, Shnorhig      Soultahian, Assanet      Soultanian, Setrak      Sourtoukian, Vartan      Stamboulian, Antranik      Stamboulian, Aram      Tahan, Michel      Tahmazian, Mariam      Takavorian, Soghomon      Takvorian, Hagop      Talatinian, Najib      Tanashian, Haroutune      Tanashian, Nerces      Tashjian, Hagop      Tashjian, Levon      Tashlian, Shukri      Tateossian, Karekin      Tavitian, Kaspar      Tavitian, Rebecca      Tavitian, Tavit      Tchekrejian, Dikran      Tekeyan, Garbis      Terjoumanian, Asadour      Terzian, Kevork      Terzibashian, Hagop      Terzibashian, Kevork      Terzibashian, Satenik      Timaksian, Yughaper      Tomassian, Loucia      Topdjian, Hanna      Torossian, Penyamin      Torossian, Toros      Torossian, Vosgan      Toumayan, Anna      Toumayan, Almaza      Toumayan, Artin      Toumayan, Elmast      Toumayan, Haroutune      Toumayan, Hovsep      Toumayan, Michel      Toumayan, Touma      Toumayan, Vartouhi      Tutundjian, Apraham      Tutundjian, Garabed      Tutundjian, Hagop      Tutundjian, IIias      Vanayan, Movses      Varjabedian, Hovhannes      Vartanian, Krikor      Vartanian, Mardo      Vartanian, Tovmas      Varteresian, Ovsanna      Vartevarian, Marie      Vosgeritchian, Haroutune      Vosgeritchian, Minas      Vosgian, Kapriel      Yacoubian, Aznive      Yacoubian, Khatchik      Yaghlian, Alice      Yaghlian, Elize      Yeghiaian, Alice      Yeghiaian, Helen      Yeghiaian, Yeghia      Yeghissian, Srpouhi      Yenovkian, Hrant      Yeredjian, Hovhannes      Yeretzian, Khatoun      Yeretzian, Zarmayr      Yergatian, Avedis      Yergatian, Mesrob      Yergaynaharsian, Hovsep      Yessayan, Merijan      Yeuredjian, Krikor      Zadoyan, Srpouhi      Zadoyan, Vartouhi      Zakarian, Arshalouys      Zakarian, Boghos      Zakarian, Hovsep      Zakarian, Kevork      Zakarian, Takoohi      Zaratzian, Vartan      Zilifian, Movses  Dr Vicken Kalbian has kindly provided us with an additional list, denoting his extended family:      Kalbian, Vahan      Kalbian (Torossian), Satenig      Kalbian, Vicken      Kalbian, Ada      Kalbian, Haig      Kalbian, Aline      Kalbian, Maral      Kalbian, Torkom      Kalbian, Seta      Tabourian, Ohan      Tabourian, Eugene      Tabourian, Shushan      Tabourian, Sona      Guelemerian, Krikor Ani Chamichian has kindly contributed these family names to our list:       Chamichian, Jamil       Chamichian, Eunice       Chamichian, Ani       Chamichian, Arpi       Chamichian, Grace       Chamichian, Osanna
Armenian Jerusalem
This project has been supported by the Gulbenkian philanthropic Foundation, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, and members of the worldwide Armenian community. Reproductions of the genealogical documents [domar’s] are courtesy Photo Garo, Jerusalem. Copyright © 2007 Arthur Hagopian