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This project has been supported by the Gulbenkian philanthropic Foundation, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, and members of the worldwide Armenian community. Reproductions of the genealogical documents [domar’s] are courtesy Photo Garo, Jerusalem. Copyright © 2007 Arthur Hagopian
            Exactly   90   years   ago,   9   founding   fathers   of   this   club   conceived   the   noble version    of    creating    this    club,    and    aptly    called    the    Jerusalem    Armenian Benevolent Union (Paresirats/JABU).             That   was   precisely   10   years   after   the   Armenian   Genocide,   when   the   bestial architects   of   the   Genocide   embarked   on   the   diabolical   scheme   of   wiping   out   the entire Armenian   Nation   until   it   would   become   extinct,   little   did   they   realize   that the   dauntless Armenian   spirit   could   resurrect   from   the   pools   of   blood   and   heaps of   ashes,   and   continue   to   work   out   miracles   in   every   field   of   arts   and   sciences, and   open   universities,   schools,   churches,   convents,   humanitarian   organization; the creation of this club is but one example of the Armenian creative spirit.             The   aim   of   the   founding   fathers   was   to   create   a   large   home   where   the community    members    could    come    and    share    together    both    happy    and    sad occasions.             Subsequently,   a   constitution   for   the   club   was   formulated,   and   later   ratified and   signed   by   the   incumbent   patriarch   of   the   lay,   the   late   patriarch   Yeghishe Tourian   of   blessed   memory,   and   by   Ruhi   Abdul   Hadi,   the   district   commissioner over the mandatory government of Palestine.             In   the   course   of   time   the   club   had   its   ramifications-   one   in   the   USA,   and   the other   in   Australia,   both   founded   on   the   same   benevolent   aims   as   the   mother club.             The   club   has   no   political   affiliations   whatsoever;   its   allegiance   is   both   to   the mother   see   of   Holy   Etchmiadzin,   and   to   the Armenian   Patriarchate   of   Jerusalem. It   is   worthwhile   to   mention   that   ever   since   the   inception   of   this   club,   the   local Armenian    Community    has    been    standing    by    the    Armenian    Patriarchate    of Jerusalem through thick and thin and will continue to do so.             The   club   was   founded   solely   for   benevolent   and   charitable   purposes,   and   has remained true to its mission to this very day.             There   was   a   time   when   the   number   of   the   members   was   well   over   300,   that was   in   the   hey   days   of   the   British   mandatory   government,   that   figure   has   been dwindling   considerably   because   of   migration,   also,   the   young   leave   in   quest   of higher   education   abroad,   and   once   established   over   there,   never   come   back:   it is   therefore   high   time   to   inject   young   blood,   and   to   train   those   who   choose   to stay   here,   to   assume   responsibilities   of   taking   the   reins   of   the   club   in   their     hands,    just    as    the    present    executive    board    inherited    the    torch    from    its predecessors.             Worthy   of   mention   are   the   last   three   chairmen,   the   late   Mr.   Antranig Bakerjian,   the   late   Mr.   Garabed   Hagopian   and   of   course,   Mr.   Nazareth   Benneyan, they all left a rich legacy which the present executive board has inherited.             Heartiest   felicitation   on   90   years   of   fruitful   activities.   Let   us   hope   that   the club   will   continue   to   flourish   for   many,   many   more   years   to   come,   under   the wise leadership and guidance of its dynamic chairman Dr. Gaby Kevorkian.     Heartiest congratulations to our club.         Elia Dickranian     (April 29, 2015)
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