Armenian Jerusalem
our hope and our future

The Sts. Tarkmanchats Armenian (Holy Translators')

School in Jerusalem was built on the heights of Mount

Zion in the year 1929 in the days of His Beatitude, the

late Patriarch Yeghishe Tourian, homage to his memory

and to all those who had the vision of creating this


        It   was   then   an   elementary   school.   During   the   British   Mandate,   its student   population   was   700.   Now   this   figure   has   dwindled   to   150,   the community   itself   having   shrunk   considerably,   by   the   emigration   of many   families   who   have   chosen   to   resettle   in   safer   havens   on   foreign shores.         In   1953,   the   Secondary   Department   was   added,   class   by   class, through   the   untiring   efforts   of   His   Grace,   Bishop   Guregh   Kapikian, and   in   1957,   the   school   gave   its   first   graduates   from   the   Secondary Department.    Nothing    was    more    difficult,    more    exhausting,    more exacting   than   the   start   of   our   Secondary   department's   first   crucial years.        So   far,   we   have   had   around   400   graduates   from   the   secondary department    -    boys    and    girls,    half    of    whom    have    furthered    their higher     studies     either     in     the     country     or     abroad;     many     have distinguished   themselves   in   medicine,   engineering,   law,   education and   in   other   areas.   This   year   [Ed:   1999],   we   celebrate   an   important milestone, the 70th anniversary.        It   is   time   to   reflect   on   our   past   achievements   and   prepare   for further challenges that lie ahead.        For   the   past   70   years   now   it   has   been   shining   brightly   like   a beacon   of   hope,   guiding   generation   after   generation   the   children   of our   nation.   It   is   a   fountain   of   knowledge   operating   on   a   par   with   all other   schools   in   the   area;   it   is   the   greatest   blessing   to   the   Armenian Community   -   a   vibrant   force,   throbbing   and   pulsating   with   life,   that plays   a   vital   role   in   its   contribution   towards   the   preservation   and propagation    of    our    Armenian    cultural    heritage;    in    addition    to safeguarding   the   national   identity   of   the   members   of   our   Armenian Community.       Besides,   it   imparts   knowledge   to   our   students,   helps   to   mould their   character_   to   form   their   personality   and   to   instil   in   them   a sense   of   individual   worth   and   self-confidence.   all   this   helps   them   to wage   and   win   the   battle   of   life,   which   is   one   long   strife,   in   which only the fittest survive.        The   Tarkmanchats   offers   its   students   the   unique   prerogative   of learning   side   by   side   with   other   languages   and   sciences,   their   golden mother   tongue   and   to   perpetuate   it.   We   see   to   it   that   our   children are   imbued   with   a   healthy   atmosphere,   inbred   with   a   pure   national spirit.        The   mission   of   all   Armenian   schools   in   the   diaspora   should   be   to save    the   Armenian    Language    from    extinction.    This    is    our    sacred mission.         In   addition   to   this,   our   objective   has   been   to   supply   our   students with    a    sound    education    and    the    prerequisite    qualifications    that constitute the necessary mid-work for higher learning and education.        Also   our   aim   has   been   to   impart   the   type   of   education   that  should   enrich   the   lives   of   our   students,   and   widen   their   horizon.   Over and   above   this,   we   prepare   our   students   for   the   G.C.S.E.   previously known    as    the    G.C.E.    which    qualifies    the    bearer    of    this    diploma admission   to   any   university   to   enable   him   further   his   higher   studies; in    the    final    analysis,    nothing    can    be    more    rewarding    than    the education   of   our   youth,   as   they   are   the   key   to   the   survival   of   the Armenian nation.       Year   in   year   out,   a   new   batch   goes   to   join   the   long   caravan   of   our graduates,   thus   adding   one   more   ring   in   the   long   golden   chain   -   they are the pride of our community and nation wherever they may be.         Our   message   to   our   graduates   has   been   to   infuse   in   their   heart   a profound   love   for   our   fatherland,   our   mother   tongue,   its   rich   legacy and   priceless   national   heritage,   to   spare   no   efforts   in   upholding   its national   interests,   as   now,   more   than   ever   before,   it   stands   in   need of    brave,    dynamic,    educated,    and    dedicated    young    ladies    and gentlemen.         We   are   infinitely   grateful   to   His   Beatitude,   Archbishop   Torkom Manoogian,   our   [Ed:   late]   patriarch,   for   his   positive   stand   and   keen interest   in   the   educational   life   of   our   school;   he   closely   supervises our   work   and   spares   neither   time   nor   energy,   and   never   denies   his moral   and   material   assistance   towards   the   well-being   of   our   school; he   has   been   instrumental   in   the   introduction   of   several   reforms   in the school.         A   special   word   of   gratitude   to   all   those   who   have   steered   this vessel,   and   to   all   those   devoted   teachers   who   have   served   with   the utmost   dedication   the   children   of   our   nation.   Their   work,   more   than a   job,   is   a   lofty   mission.   A   good   number   of   these   teachers   have departed   from   us   for   good,   but   their   memories   shall   remain   forever immortal.       Teaching   is   the   most   sensitive   task,   the   most   humanitarian   calling that   far   transcends   any   other   vocation.   However,   there   is   a   distinct line   of   separation   between   teaching   and   education:   teaching   implies the   imparting   of   knowledge,   education   on   the   other   hand,   deals   with moulding   the   character,   edifying   a   child,   and   preparing   him   for   life after   school.   Education   is   a   lifelong   process,   it   starts   at   home,   but schools   are   an   extension   of   the   education   the   foundations   of   which are laid at home.        Home   alone,   school   alone,   cannot   assume   the   full   brunt   of   the responsibility    of    a    child's    education,    only    a    preconcerted    co- operation    between    the    two    can    help    shoulder    successfully    this noblest   of   all   callings,   especially   in   these   days   of   a   polluted   moral and   spiritual   atmosphere,   it   is   therefore   incumbent   on   both   -   parents and teachers to constantly co-ordinate their efforts.         Also,   our   whole-hearted   gratitude   is   due   to   all   the   magnanimous and      noble-hearted      benefactors      and      benefactresses      whose spontaneous   assistance,   both   moral   and   material,   has   been   vital   for the running of the school.        May   the   Almighty   reward   them   in   their   unwavering   commitment to     help     us     confront     and     surmount     the     formidable     financial challenges.   Indeed   to   keep   Armenian   schools   running   in   the   diaspora in the face of a host of hurdles is a Herculean task.         Last   but   not   least,   our   love   and   greetings   go   to   all   our   graduates, scattered   as   they   are   is   the   four   corners   of   the   world,   and   who,   we believe,   shall   never   betray   the   trust   that   has   been   ed   in   them,   but shall   always   remain   the   faithful   ambassadors   to   their   Alma   Mater wherever they may be.                [Ed: Yeghya   Dickranian   has   been   deputy   principal   of   the   Sts   Tarkmanchats   high   school for   several   years,   helping   steer   it   into   the   IT   age,   educating   a   generation   of   young Armenians.   He   has   also   taught   at   the   school,   his   primary   subjects   English   language   and literature.]       
This project has been supported by the Gulbenkian philanthropic Foundation, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, and members of the worldwide Armenian community. Reproductions of the genealogical documents [domar’s] are courtesy Photo Garo, Jerusalem. Copyright © 2007 Arthur Hagopian
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