Armenian Jerusalem
         The   Jinishian   foundation   has   set   up   a   medical   centre   within   the   Convent   of   St   James, providing   free   medical   care   and   subsidized   medication   for   all   Armenians.   The   centre   is staffed   by   a   doctor   and   a   nurse,   and   has   been   instrumental   in   helping   the   community combat common illnesses.                The   centre   is   part   of   the   Jinishian   Memorial   Program   which   has   been   operating   in   the Middle   East   since   1967,   and   is   one   of   four   such   sites   in   the   region   where   the   program   also assists   Armenians   in   community   and   economic   development,   day   care   services,   summer camps and social work.                In   some   centres,   where   access   to   healthcare   is   difficult   or   unavailable,   the   program offers   subsidized   medications,   burial   services   and   financial   assistance   for   hospital   care, dental care and institutional and mental health care.                The   program   is   the   brinchild   of   Vartan   H.   Jinishian,   born   in      1870   in   Marash,   Turkey. He    was    95    years    old    when    he    established    an    endowment    fund    that    is    fuelling    the program.
This project has been supported by the Gulbenkian philanthropic Foundation, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, and members of the worldwide Armenian community. Reproductions of the genealogical documents [domar’s] are courtesy Photo Garo, Jerusalem. Copyright © 2007 Arthur Hagopian