Armenian Jerusalem
2,000 years of glorious history
               The   Armenian   Jerusalem   website   project   was   launched   in   2007, its    raison    d'etre    the    preservation    of    the    culture,    history    and traditions   of   the   Armenians   of   Jerusalem   who   claim   the   city   as   their home over the past two millennia.                The   Gulbenkian   Foundation,   the   foremost Armenian   philanthropic foundation   in   the   world,   headquartered   in   Lisbon,   promptly   pledged its   support,   with   a   generous   grant   allowing   for   the   purchase   of   the computer hardware and software required.                The   Armenian   Patriarchate   of   Jerusalem,   seat   of   the   Armenian world's   second   most   important   spiritual   fount   after   Etchmiadzin   in the    Motherland,    gave    its    blessing    to    the    project,    allowing    it unrestricted    access    to    ancient    "domar"s    (archives)    that    contain records    of    the    births,    deaths    and    marriages    of    all   Armenians    in Jerusalem, dating back to the early 1800's.                Garo   Nalbandian,   one   of   the   city's   most   prominent   Armenian photographers,   contributed   his   services   to   the   project,   painstakingly photographing   the   250   pages   of   the   "domar"s   and   rendering   them digitally to help create the project's main genealogical database.                Dozens   of   current   and   former   Armenian   Jerusalem   "kaghakatsi" generously     provided     the     project     with     personal     genealogical information,   helping   design   a   universal   "kaghakatsi"   family   tree   that graphically     demonstrates     the     inviolable     interconnectivity     and interrelationship of all the "kaghakatsi" of the Old City.
This project has been supported by the Gulbenkian philanthropic Foundation, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, and members of the worldwide Armenian community. Reproductions of the genealogical documents [domar’s] are courtesy Photo Garo, Jerusalem. Copyright © 2007 Arthur Hagopian